Trailer del MX vs ATV All Out


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- All new UI plus major enhancements to Rainbow’s patented physics and terrain deformation technologies: Rider-Reflex 2.0 and Real-Time Deformation 2.0!
- Insane stunt system that tests your limits in freestyle mode!
- Competition! Modes including Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, Waypoint, Tag and more, including all the biggest tracks!
- Vast open-world environments to explore
- 16 player online mode and 2-player split-screen!
- A private compound including space for all of your upgraded and customized vehicles plus gear from the biggest brands in off-road!
- The biggest names in off-road racing from around the world
- A massive soundtrack, including exclusive tracks by major artists

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Duración 01:06
Publicado 25 abr 2018
Campeonatos eSports
Evento MX vs ATV All Out
Subevento Presentación
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